Social Entrepreneurship in Sport and Development
Handbook description

This course is intended for organisations operating, or seeking to operate, within the sports and development field that are committed to providing their leaders with the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This course will examine the differences between social and business entrepreneurs within a sports context and is designed to enhance understanding of entrepreneurial principles and how these principles can be applied to help build capacity and work towards a view of empowerment and sustainability.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Differentiate between social and business entrepreneurs

  • Challenge their perceptions of sporting entrepreneurs

  • Contribute to social change and sports development through the establishment of clear social and environmental goals

  • Demonstrate understanding of how entrepreneurial principles (innovation, sustainability, social impact) can be applied to initiate change in sport development

Learning Methodology

This course will incorporate a combination of formal lectures, interactive and learner centered tasks, group discussions and individual reflection to ensure that learning experiences are as meaningful and authentic as possible considering the course requirements.


This is a competency based course. Participants will be assessed and will be required to meet certain standards in order to meet certification.

Course duration: 40 hours

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